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2012 - 2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012 - 2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Minors

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Interdisciplinary Minors

Radford University offers five interdisciplinary minors that are administered outside the context of a single academic department. These minors have a number of features in common: all afford students a wonderful opportunity to explore in depth special areas of interest that do not fit neatly within disciplinary boundaries; all are excellent complements to any academic major; all require students to take courses in a variety of subjects; all are administered by a director or chairperson, in conjunction with an advisory group of faculty from a variety of disciplines; and all require students to receive special advising services so that they meet graduation requirements. Specific and detailed information about the three interdisciplinary minors (Intercultural Studies, Interdisciplinary Minor in Forensic Studies, International Studies, Peace Studies, and Women’s Studies) is provided below. For more information, contact the director or the chairperson noted.

Intercultural Studies

Philip Sweet, Chairperson
Cook 232
(540) 831-5120

Students who desire to complement their foreign language skills with a cultural focus may obtain an Intercultural Studies Minor. A student seeking a minor in Intercultural Studies must complete 21 semester hours, which must include Understanding Cultures (SOCY 110 ) and at least one course in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Forensic Studies

Tod W. Burke, Coordinator
133 Russell
(540) 831-5149

While emphasizing mastery of a student’s primary field of study, the Interdisciplinary Minor in Forensic Studies allows the student the opportunity to explore allied fields as well as the operation of the judicial system. The minor complements majors in the liberal arts disciplines as well as professional fields such as Business, Nursing, and Social Work.

International Studies

James H. Radford, Director
248 Russell Hall
(540) 831-6458

Committee on International Studies

The Committee on International Studies, although centered in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, is an interdisciplinary committee with membership drawn from all of the university’s colleges. The committee collaborates closely with the Office of International Education in encouraging Radford University students to see study abroad as an integral and essential component of their undergraduate education. The committee also works closely with individual departments and faculty advisors on campus to design programs of study that are both vital and relevant to their majors.

Peace Studies

Glen T. Martin, Chairperson
706 Fairfax Street E105
(540) 831-5897

Undergraduate Program

The Peace Studies (PEAC) minor provides students with an opportunity to complement a wide range of major courses of study with systematic examination of the causes of world conflict and the possible means of both managing that conflict and creating a more peaceful world. The minor is interdisciplinary in nature and allows the student to design a program of study that focuses on particular issues relating to world peace and security. Students who wish to enroll should consult a PEAC faculty member.

Women’s Studies

Moira P. Baker, Director
138 Russell Hall
(540) 831-5352

Undergraduate Program

The Minor in Women’s Studies offers students an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on women, the contributions they have made to society, and gender as a category of analysis. The Minor stresses not only gender but also race, class, ethnicity, physical ability, age and sexuality as they affect women’s lives, often creating inequalities. Students will have the opportunity to carry out an internship in a setting or agency that addresses issues related to women and gender.

Academic Programs

Forensic Studies Interdisciplinary Minor 

Intercultural Studies Minor 

International Studies Minor 

Peace Studies Minor 

Women’s Studies Minor 

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