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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


James W. Robey, Chair, Department of Dance

The Dance Program provides a comprehensive pre-professional education for undergraduate dance majors in classical and contemporary dance; fosters an educational environment committed to dance as an autonomous and major art form realizing the many significant roles dance can play in world cultures; provides appropriate dance activities for the enrichment of the university, south western Virginia, the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond; and encourages creative and technological innovations in dance. The department prepares students for careers, related careers and advanced professional studies in dance.

The department’s curriculum offers students study in four areas of dance: technique, theory, pedagogy and choreography. In addition, students may develop special interest in related fields such as technical theatre, therapy, and/or somatics. Students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Dance Education, or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performance. The department also offers two Dance minors.

Audition Requirements

Prior to acceptance as a dance major, each prospective student must demonstrate their ability through an entrance audition. Auditions are scheduled at locations both on and off campus.

Honors Program

The Department of Dance offers an honors program. For a general description of the Honors College at Radford University, see here.  For specific requirements of this department’s program, contact the department chairperson or the director of the Honors Program.

Academic Programs

Dance, B.A. (E, L)  

Dance, B.F.A. (E, L)   

Dance Minor (E, L)  

Dance Technique Minor (L)