Jul 16, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Health and Human Performance

Melissa Grim, Chairperson

Undergraduate Program

Health and Human Performance (HHP) programs prepare students to be leaders in the promotion of physically active and healthy lifestyles in today’s society. A diverse range of program offerings in areas such as health and physical education teaching, health and exercise science, sport management, allied health sciences, and nutrition and dietetics, allow students to pursue careers in specialized content areas as well as broad-based programs of study. Academic programs in Physical and Health Education, and Nutrition and Dietetics are accredited by their professional bodies and allow students to be eligible for professional licensure or certification. Nutrition and Dietetics students must complete an internship after completing the RU degree to obtain certification. The majority of HHP programs require 120 hours of coursework (with the exception of the teacher licensure program) and include extensive field experiences such as internships, or student teaching. The department offers minors in contemporary content areas, including coaching education, sport management, and exercise and sport science.

Academic Advising

All students are advised by a professional academic advisor and/or faculty advisor upon entering the university. Students are encouraged to consult with their professional and/or academic advisor regularly to facilitate smooth progress towards completion of their degree.

Academic Programs

Allied Health Sciences, B.S. (L)  

Exercise, Sport and Health Education, B.S. (A, L) or (R, L)*  

Nutrition and Dietetics, B.S. (A, L)  

Sport Management, B.S. (A, L)  

Coaching Sport Minor (A, L)  

Exercise and Sport Science Minor  

Sport Management Minor (A)