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2015 - 2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015 - 2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Appalachian Studies Minor

(15 semester hours)

The minor in Appalachian Studies includes courses from a variety of disciplines to give students a broad understanding of Appalachia from multiple perspectives. Field research courses guide students into firsthand experience in the region. Students are required to take APST 200 , early in their program of studies. A capstone course or major project is required near the end of their program; students choose from APST Multi-disciplinary Courses, internship, or independent study for the capstone work. For the remaining nine credit hours, students select one to three courses from the “APST Multi-disciplinary Courses” (the same course can be taken twice for credit when content differs) and one to two courses from at least two of the groups labeled A, B, C, D below. Courses marked with an asterisk need to be approved by the Chair of Appalachian Studies or by an advisor in the APST program.

Students who wish to minor in Appalachian Studies must submit a Declaration of Minor form with appropriate signatures to the Registrar.

Students must consult with the APST chair or one of the members of the APST faculty for advising.

Introductory Course: (3 credits)

APST Multi-disciplinary Courses/Capstone Course/Major Project – Choose from the following: (3 – 9 credits)

Choose three courses from at least two of the following groups: (6-9 credits)

Group C:

Group D:


* Requires APST Chair’s or APST Advisor’s approval.