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2016 - 2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016 - 2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Corporate and Professional Communication, M.S.


There are two options in the degree program: a non-thesis option and a thesis option. Students graduating under the non-thesis option must successfully complete 30 hours of course work and a comprehensive examination. Students graduating under the thesis option must successfully complete 24 hours of course work, apply for and complete a thesis for six hours of credit and successfully complete an oral defense of the thesis. (See “Final Comprehensive Examination” here ).

Program Requirements 30 hrs.

Required Courses 15 hrs.

All students must successfully complete the following core courses:

Non-Thesis Option 15 hrs.

  • **Electives, approved by Graduate Coordinator.

Thesis Option 15 hrs.


Because some students may not have completed an undergraduate degree in communication, other factors may be taken into consideration when assessing potential. For example, sufficient experience in a communication-related profession will be taken into consideration when assessing a student’s potential. Students lacking a sufficient background in communication (as judged by the Admissions Committee) may be required, prior to enrollment in graduate courses, to take one or more undergraduate courses to provide the necessary foundation for graduate study in communication. These courses may not be counted as a portion of the 30 hours required to complete the degree.

**Any 500 or 600 level course or above within the department. Courses outside the department may count with prior approval from the Graduate Coordinator.