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2017 - 2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017 - 2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies Minor

(18 semester hours)

International Studies is a multidisciplinary minor designed to complement any major by adding international perspectives and competencies to any chosen field of specialization. It provides a broad appreciation of contemporary global issues such as war and terrorism, human rights, refugees and migration, international trade, and climate change. Students will take two International Studies core courses and choose electives from three areas of study: (1) politics and economics; (2) geography, history, and the environment; and (3) society, culture, foreign languages and literatures. Through these learning experiences, students acquire important skills and knowledge to prepare them for success in future careers and a life of active world citizenship in our globalized society.


Requirements for the Minor in International Studies total 18 semester hours, including the following four areas:

Introductory Course (3 credits)

  • Introduction to International Studies is the foundation course in International studies emphasizing the foundational knowledge and core skills necessary to analyze and appreciate the global experience and world issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.  

Electives (12 credits)

Students are required to take 12 hours of courses with international content, at least one from among the following three areas. One or more courses in the core may overlap with the student’s major(s). One or more courses may overlap with the University or College core. Students with a regional focus, such as Europe, Asia, Latin America or Africa, are encouraged to take courses to complement and build their expertise in the region of concentration.


INST 490 - Capstone Seminar on Global Issues  is a new capstone course created for the International Studies minor.

INST 488 - International Studies: Senior Project   is a capstone experience that can be completed during the student’s last two years of study (ideally in the last semester) at Radford University, and it demonstrates the culmination of the international knowledge and experiences gained.  An International Studies: Senior Project may be a research paper, a work of art or multi-media presentation, a film, or a series of articles. The senior project proposal must be submitted to the Director of the International Studies minor for approval in the semester prior to the student’s enrollment.  Students must secure the commitment of a faculty member to supervise their senior project.  They are encouraged to give a public presentation of their work in some forum or public meeting.  Grades for the capstone experience must be B- or better to satisfy this requirement.


Foreign Language

The study of foreign language is important in the understanding of international issues, and as such, students are encouraged to complement their minor with foreign language study.

Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad as part of their International Studies minor.  Students will benefit immeasurably from seeing in the real world the issues they have been studying in their coursework.  The Director of International Studies will work with students to determine how overseas coursework and faculty-led travel/study can be used to satisfy the requirements for the minor.