May 14, 2021  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, B.A.

Psychology Major

All requirements for psychology majors are outlined below.

Total minimum hours for the major 37

(This does not include STAT 200  which is a required course to be counted toward Core Curriculum).

Prerequisite Survey (3 credits)

Core Content Courses (pick one from each area) (12 credits)

Integrative Research Experience

Integrative Capstone Course (3 credits)

Elective Psychology Courses (9 credits)

Any course with a “PSYC” prefix can count toward fulfillment of the elective requirements for the major, including independent studies.


Students should consult with their academic advisors in selecting elective courses to complete the 120 semester hours required for graduation.

Total Credits Needed for Degree 120

B.A. Requirements (6-8 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts degree requires completion of the B.A. language requirements described here .

A student is advised to meet the science and mathematics Core Curriculum requirements during the freshman year. Biology is the recommended science, and STAT 200 is recommended as part of the mathematics requirement in College Core B.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with a major in Psychology, a student must earn a grade of “C-” or better in PSYC 301 and PSYC 302, and have a grade point average of 2.25 or higher for all courses taken with a PSYC prefix.