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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Design Studies in Expression Minor (E)

Minors in Design Studies in Expression will have product knowledge in textiles and fibers that coupled with their major could provide a greater understanding of the Textile, Fibers and Carpet industries. This minor would be an excellent choice for Biology, Chemistry, Business, and Communications Majors to pursue as the allied Design industry is expansive.

REAL Curriculum

This minor fulfills the E area of the REAL Curriculum. Design Studies in Expression Minor provides students an introduction to design inquiry and language. Student will learn how to apply the design process terminology to design solutions, analyze products and processes in the design industry, and learn how they are applied in both interiors and fashion. In addition, students will evaluate design expression from an historical context in both fashion and interiors.

Furthermore, students demonstrate an understanding of the language used in Design, specifically the Elements and Principles of Design. This language provides the basis for the understanding and analysis of any media (digital/print), form, structure, product, and artifact (manmade or found in the environment).

General Education Requirements

General Education courses will be denoted below with a (GE). Students are required to take at least 30 credit hours of general education designated courses within their degree requirements. The Design Studies in Expression minor includes 6-15 general education credits.

Minor Requirements (15 credits)


* To maximize credit usage, students are encouraged to take an additional general education designated course as their “E” designated elective. Some suggestions include ART 100 , ARTS 101 , ARTS 102 , COMS 130 , ENGL 112 , PHIL 112 , HIST 101 , and HIST 102 .

Total Credit Hours for Minor 15

Additional Information

Students cannot receive a BS or BFA in a Design major and any additional minor in Design Studies.