Jul 14, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Citizen Leader

Program Director

Dr. Jean Mistele, Director

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Citizen Leader Program

The Citizen Leader Program develops students into effective leaders who tackle important issues from the local community level to the global community level. The students reflect on their curricular and co-curricular experiences as they hone their leadership skills. They examine their personal values, values held by the group, and the values embraced by the larger community. The ability to seek information, influence others, build relationships, communicate with civility, and make sound decisions, all help to promote change for the common good.  The Director, Dr. Jean Mistele, advises students on their journey through the Citizen Leader Program, with designated course (2) selection, attending events on campus (2 per year), identifying leadership, community and/or civic engagement activities (5 hours each semester), and finding an immersive experience (e.g. undergraduate research, study abroad, internships). The student showcases their journey at the end of the semester, in which they graduate via the Student Engagement Forum for Spring graduates or the Winter CARD Forum for Fall graduates. Each students’ pathway is tailored specifically to the student, to weave together their passion and their professional goals. The successful student will receive a Citizen Leader stole at graduation, a certificate, and their official transcript and diploma will show the Citizen Leader designation. The Citizen Leader designation is a special recognition that sets students apart from other graduating students. To learn more about the Citizen Leader Program, please contact Dr. Jean Mistele, jmistele@radford.edu.

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