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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Applied History Minor (L)

The Applied History minor gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire skills that will enable them to pursue careers in a variety of professions related to the practice of history. Museums, archives, historical sites, public and private agencies, and businesses are all seeking students with the knowledge and skills derived from the Applied History minor. This 15-credit hour minor has a foundation of course work in history, based on the department’s Public History and Digital Archives courses and includes the possibility of credit for internships in history. The remainder of course work is composed of electives, mostly from outside the department of history, enabling students to gain ancillary skills. These electives will enable students to focus either on aspects of public history or on the rapidly growing field of digital history.

REAL Curriculum

This minor fulfills the L area of the REAL Curriculum. Students need majors and/or minors to fulfill the R, E and A areas to complete the REAL Curriculum requirements.

REAL Cornerstone Requirements

Writing Intensive (WI) Courses (6 credits)

Writing Intensive courses are denoted below with a (WI). Two writing intensive courses are required to graduate, with at least one at the 300- or 400-level. The Applied History minor includes 0-3 credits of writing intensive courses.

General Education Requirements

General Education courses will be denoted below with a (GE). Students are required to take at least 30 credit hours of general education designated courses within their degree requirements. The Applied History minor includes 0-9 general education credits.

Minor Requirements (15 credits)

Total Credits Needed for Minor 15