Jul 24, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Science and Values Minor (R, E)

This minor is designed especially for students whose major fields of study are in the natural and social sciences, the humanities, as well as students with broad interests in areas such as law, public policy, science journalism. The program combines core courses in the humanities and natural and social sciences with courses designed to promote critical reflection on the broad set of methodological and normative issues surrounding work in the sciences, including the ways that scientific and technological change affect the texture of human life, social relations, and our relationship to nature.

REAL Curriculum

This minor fulfills the R and E areas of the REAL Curriculum. This dual designation minor offers students a unique introduction to scientific and quantitative reasoning through a multidisciplinary menu of R-designated courses, most with no or few prerequisites. This is supported by a menu of humanistic and artistic expression courses chosen because of course content that invites students to learn about how meaning is attached to scientific and quantitative reasoning. Additionally, the E-designated courses in this minor teach students how to ethically engage with work produced in the sciences. Students need majors and/or minors to fulfill the A and L areas to complete the REAL Curriculum requirements.

General Education Requirements

General Education courses will be denoted below with a (GE). Students are required to take at least 30 credit hours of general education designated courses within their degree requirements. The Science and Values minor includes 9-11 general education credits.

Minor Requirements (18-21 credits)

Total Credit Hours for the Minor 18-21